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Success story

Roadway inspection: Old Mill Road, Cheshire for Eurovia Infrastructure

YellowScan’s partner FlyThru, one of the UK’s leading providers of unmanned LiDAR surveys, was mandated by their client, the digital construction team at Eurovia Infrastructure to survey an area for a project.

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Key benefits

Our light and compact LiDAR systems, with survey-grade deliverables, offer a new type of versatility resulting in cheaper costs compared to traditional methods.

Scan up to 1000ha (2500 acres) of land a day

When compared to a traditional archeological excavation, creating DEM with a YellowScan LiDAR system is faster and less costly.

Customers surveyor 1000ha a day

Low mobilization and demobilization

Our solutions are easy to deploy and cost-effective tools for mapping areas of interest.

Customers surveyor low mobilization

Data generation in a few clicks

Handle your pointclouds with our very own, all-in-one software solution. Extract, process, and display raw data immediately after flight acquisition.


LiDAR systems collect extremely dense data which means that the results are highly accurate. This data in the shape of 3D pointcloud allows professionals to plan detailed projects needing high-level precision.

Customers surveyor accuracy


LiDAR systems can be operated remotely, making them the perfect choice for locations that may be unsafe for humans to operate or stay for extended periods. It can deliver data from places where humans cannot physically go such as dense jungles.

Customers surveyor safety