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Using LiDAR for Media & Entertainment.

Turn real-life objects into digital twins.

LiDAR is becoming increasingly popular for creating special effects and realistic digital imagery.

The media and entertainment industry now uses LiDAR technology in movies, video games, commercials, and even theater performances.

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Knowledge 20240430
Understanding LiDAR Scanners

LiDAR scanners are used for capturing 3D point clouds. But how do they work? This and more are explained in the article below, which covers the operating principle of different LiDAR scanners and explains how distance measurements are transformed and combined into 3D point clouds. These provide the basis for many 3D mapping products used for different industry applications.

Knowledge 20240306
Drone Flight Planners: The Continuing Integration of LiDAR & UAVs

A LiDAR drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors. A LiDAR is an active sensor that uses inertial measurement to correlate where it is on the earth’s surface, resulting in a direct measurement of the earth.

Knowledge 20220628
Entertainment & Media – 3D Modeling for Video Games using LiDAR (MotoGP 22)

Video games industry is turning to LiDAR technology to help it build 3D models in order to give players the best experience possible.

Knowledge 20220531
Success story: Parc Astérix, France

Discover how Drone Expertise Centre produced highly accurate topographic data of the Parc Astérix theme park in France.

Key benefits

LiDAR mapping allows you to map out objects or complex sets digitally, allowing for a smooth interaction between reality and computer-generated images.

Photorealistic models from real life, complex structures

Add visuals in special effects, news reporting, film and tv production, virtual reality apps.

Digital twins in no time

Save time and cost by generating exact replicas of locations.

Industries media replicas

As built modelling

Perform 3D scans of buildings or entire cities in 3D with a high level of detail and accuracy

Industries media building

Endless possibilities

Map out facilities, scan lost cities or plot out landscapes

Industries media map