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Frequently asked questions

What is a bathymetric LiDAR?

Based on visible green light emission, bathymetric LiDAR enables the measurement of topography under water. This allows for crucial mapping of coastlines with continuity under water.

Why a green laser?​

Water “absorbs” certain light wavelengths much more than others​. Depending on the water, absorption varies as well, however a trend is usually blueish-green penetrates the most​.

What is the laser class of this LiDAR system?

The YellowScan Navigator is a Class 3B laser product.​ Appropriate eyewear protection is mandatory to avoid eye injuries from the laser beam. ​Do not use sunglasses for laser protection and quickly proceed to get the drone at 30m AGL to ensure Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance (NOHD).​ Always make sure nobody is within 25m of the drone or LiDAR while active. ​

What are the typical applications?

The applications are many and varied. The YellowScan Navigator system can be used for river and lake analysis, coastal oceanography, safety of hydraulic structures, submarine archaeology, surface water hydrology, dredging and marine works.

What is a Secchi?

The Secchi Disc​ was created by Angelo Secchi and used to measure water transparency / turbidity in bodies of water​. The marine Secchi disc is a plain white, ø30 cm disc mounted on a pole. The freshwater Secchi disc is ø20 cm and features black quadrants.

A Secchi is the depth at which it is not possible to distinguish the disc in water​. This depth varies according to the water’s turbidity​ and subjectively distinguishing the disc by the observer​.

For example, if 1 Secchi is 2.2m under water, a 2 Secchi system will be able to measure up to 4.4m underwater approximately.

Is this system compatible with DJI M300/M350?

No, we do not recommend mounting the YellowScan Navigator system on the DJI M300/350 drone. The weight of the system (incl. battery) exceeds the manufacturer’s recommended maximum payload capacity (2.7 kg).


Depths to heights: operating bathymetric LiDAR with one button.

The YellowScan bathymetric LiDAR is an innovative solution for exploring underwater and ground topography with a single-button operation.

Its lightweight design allows for versatile platform selection without compromising water penetration.

Technology inside

YellowScan laser scanner

IMU solution

SBG Quanta Micro

Download the Datasheet
Datasheet navigator laser scanner


A YellowScan development

This solution features a laser scanner developed in-house by our R&D team over the last few years with tests that kicked off in 2023, refining the system for optimal performance. This evolution highlights our commitment to innovation and quality, particularly in the development of advanced laser scanners.

Key figures Test

Key figures

AGL Altitude
Up to 100m
System precision
System accuracy
Battery weight excl.
  • View detailed characteristics
  • Precision3 cm (1.2")
  • Accuracy3 cm (1.2")
  • Typ. flight speed5 m/s
  • Max. AGL altitude100 m
  • Laser rangeUp to 120 m
  • Laser scannerYellowScan development
  • GNSS-Inertial solutionSBG Quanta Micro
  • Scanner field-of-view44°
  • Echoes per shotUp to 10
  • Shots per secondUp to 20 000
  • Scanning frequencyUp to 50 Hz
  • Weight3.7 kg (8.2 lbs) battery excl.
  • SizeL 350 x W 160 x H 190 mm
  • Autonomy45 min. typ.
  • Power consumption120 W
  • Operating temperature0° to +40 °C
  • Nominal ocular hazard distance25 m
  • Laser classClass 3B
  • Max. water depth2 Secchi
  • Integrated cameraBuilt-in global shutter

A variety of mission profiles

Pointcloud navigator 01.2
Pointcloud navigator 02.2
Pointcloud navigator 03.2
Pointcloud navigator 04.2
Pointcloud navigator 05.2
Pointcloud explorer 06
Pointcloud navigator 01.2
Pointcloud navigator 02.2
Pointcloud navigator 03.2
Pointcloud navigator 04.2
Pointcloud navigator 05.2
Pointcloud explorer 06

View the Navigator’s datasets

Post integration landscape navigator 540x690 02-1
Post integration square 540x540 04


Multi-platform adaptability

This system can be used on multirotor or helicopter UAVs. When it comes to drones, the “quick release” GREMSY attachment allows for easy mounting on a wide range of drones.

Helicopter drone
Post integration square navigator 540x690 01
Post integration square navigator 540x690 01
Post integration square 540x540 03
Post integration portrait navigator 540x690


So, what’s included ?

Automated water classification

Optimize your bathymetric capabilities using YellowScan CloudStation software, which includes automatic water classification. This functionality streamlines the categorization of water bodies, enhancing the efficiency and precision of bathymetric mapping.

Optional add-ons

Automated water surface detection

Our software’s capability for automated water surface detection efficiently identifies water boundaries, streamlining data analysis for precise bathymetric mapping.

Underwater point correction

The underwater point correction in the CloudStation refines submerged data points, taking into account water refraction and ensuring reliable bathymetric mapping with uncompromised accuracy.

Embedded camera

The Navigator features an embedded camera (global shutter) that can be used for colorization purposes.


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Advanced calibration

All our systems are calibrated before shipment and come with a calibration certificate. Be ready to fly your system as soon as you receive it!

Navigator advanced calibration

On-site training

YellowScan delivers complete training to new customers. The training is provided over 2 days and can take place at your premises or online.

Navigator onsite training

Technical support

Our 1 year unlimited technical support from our experts enables you to confidently undertake your projects, whether you are new or experienced in the field.

Navigator tech support

Simultaneous land & water survey

The YellowScan Bathymetric system is designed for conducting bathymetric measurements in shallow waters and is rapidly deployable on a UAV. This full waveform LiDAR system ensures continuity between underwater points and the surrounding terrain.

Navigator bathymetric lidar land and water survey schema

Diverse water environments

Intended for aerial use on drones, the system covers various water areas such as shorelines, rivers, lakes, estuaries, ponds and gravel pits. Navigator is user-friendly and adaptable for a wide range of applications, from hydrographic surveys to underwater resource management.

Navigator bathymetric lidar diverse water environment schema new

44° FOV for high precision

Our bathymetric system, with a 44-degree field of view, prioritizes precision over a broader angle. This decision is based on the fact that 44° is the maximum angle for a green laser to perform effectively underwater. Beyond this angle, the laser’s penetration depth in water is significantly affected, limiting the system’s overall performance.

Navigator bathymetric lidar 44degree fov

High autonomy for maximized efficiency

Optimize your bathymetric survey operations with our LiDAR system, delivering a 45-minute autonomy on a single battery charge for extended underwater data collection in various marine settings.

Navigator bathymetric lidar maximized efficiency