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Surveyor Ultra.

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With its 360° field of view, the YellowScan Surveyor Ultra answers vertical mapping and mobile mapping needs when combined with Fly&Drive. Expect unparalleled vegetation penetration thanks to this system’s 32 laser beams.

Compatible with

RGB camera option

Technology inside

SBG systems / Hesai

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Datasheet surveyor ultra 2023
Key figures Test

Key figures

AGL Altitude
System precision
System accuracy
Battery weight excl.
  • View detailed characteristics
  • Precision3 cm
  • Accuracy2.5 cm
  • Typ. flight speed10 m/s
  • Max. AGL altitude140 m
  • Laser rangeUp to 300m
  • Laser scannerHesai XT32M2X
  • GNSS-Inertial solutionSBG Quanta Micro
  • Scanner field-of-view360° x 40.3°
  • Echoes per shotUp to 3
  • Shots per secondUp to 640 000
  • Scanning frequencyUp to 20 Hz
  • Weight0.98 kg (2.2 lbs) batt. excl.
  • SizeL 153 x W 113 x H 117 mm
  • Autonomy1.2 hour typ.
  • Power consumption20 W
  • Operating temperature-10 to +40°C
  • Integrated CameraGlobal Shutter

A variety of mission profiles

Pointcloud surveyor ultra 06
Pointcloud surveyor ultra 03
Pointcloud surveyor ultra 02
Pointcloud surveyor ultra 05
Pointcloud surveyor ultra 01
Pointcloud surveyor ultra 04
Pointcloud surveyor ultra 06
Pointcloud surveyor ultra 03
Pointcloud surveyor ultra 02
Pointcloud surveyor ultra 05
Pointcloud surveyor ultra 01
Pointcloud surveyor ultra 04

View the Surveyor Ultra’s datasets

Surveyor ultra 2023 integration landscape 01
Surveyor ultra 2023 integration square 01


Easy integration into UAV platforms

This system can be used on multirotor, fixed-wing VTOL and helicopter UAVs. This flexibility is an asset if you have a great diversity of missions: sizes and reliefs. Fixed-wing VTOL for big areas to survey, multirotor for small areas or vertical sections. When it comes to drones, the “quick release” attachment allows for easy mounting on a wide range of drones. Two options: Gremsy or Skyport, which can be interchanged depending on the drone you’re using.
View the integrations list

Land vehicles
Surveyor ultra 2023 integration square 02
Surveyor ultra 2023 integration square 02
Surveyor ultra 2023 integration square 03
Surveyor ultra 2023 integration portrait 01


So, what’s included ?

Optional add-ons

Knowledge base

Discover our solutions by reading about our users’ experience in the field.

View all articles

Knowledge 20240523
Landslide monitoring using UAS LiDAR

The University of Vermont (UVM) in the USA became involved in this project through its connections with the Vermont Geological Survey (VGS) and the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans). UVM is one of the few organizations in the state with access to UAS LiDAR technology, making it a priority contact for capturing accurate elevation data and models for landslides, especially when rapid data collection was required.

LiDAR point clouds basics
LiDAR Point Cloud Basics

This article explains what LiDAR point clouds are and how they are used for 3D mapping applications. Learn the basics of LiDAR point clouds!

Knowledge 20240430
Understanding LiDAR Scanners

LiDAR scanners are used for capturing 3D point clouds. But how do they work? This and more are explained in the article below, which covers the operating principle of different LiDAR scanners and explains how distance measurements are transformed and combined into 3D point clouds. These provide the basis for many 3D mapping products used for different industry applications.

Knowledge 20231214
High-Quality Topographical Data to Reactivate a Mine Site

The project came about because an engineering company sought high quality topographical data to reassess how they were going to resume mine operations. This involved tasks such as creating new roads, avoiding collapse-prone areas, and creating protection meshes, etc.

Knowledge 20230615
Mapping Mountainous Regions as Part of Forestry Management Surveys

Following a successful research and development collaboration with a government agency, our customer GeoAerospace obtained a contract to perform airborne LiDAR capture in various forestry sites along the secluded west coast of Ireland.

Knowledge 20221012
Building the digital twin of the Chain Bridge in Budapest

This LiDAR project, led by our customer Ventus-Tech, aimed to establish a baseline & record the status of the Chain Bridge in Budapest

Knowledge 20211124
Archaeology – Remote Surveying: Holy Island, Ireland, Monastery project

eoAerospace, an geospatial Data-as-a-Service provider, was contracted to provide high density LiDAR and orthophotography maps of Holy Island

Knowledge 20201124 2
VTOL fixed-wing UAV mounted-LiDAR maps 2200km for Trans-Sumatra highway construction in Indonesia

Hutama Karya, a state-owned company building infrastructures, has been assigned to toll-road construction, on Sumatra island.

Knowledge 20200928
Detecting shrub encroachment in seminatural grasslands using UAS LiDAR

Discover how Bjarke Madsen from Aarhus University in Denmark, used YellowScan Surveyor for its biodiversity research work.

Knowledge 20200921
How Diodrone overcame geotechnical engineering challenges in Australia for a 170km long rural road monitoring

Discover how YellowScan solutions helped Diodrone to collect high quality of data covering an area of 400ha of mountainous terrain.

Knowledge 20200701
Digging into D-DAY: how UAS laser scanning helps to find WW2 buried structures

UAS laser scanning technology fits archaeology needs. In Expedition Unkown TV show, YellowScan UAS laser scanning solution helps to find WW2.

Knowledge 20200528
Drone LiDAR mapping for Power grid design and maintenance in Finland

Eltel, a Nordic field service provider for power and communication networks, conducted in 2019 a pilot study with Loiste a Finland-based energy company.

Knowledge 20200127
LiDAR remaps Diamond Vista Wind Farm in Tornado Alley : Saves $1M

Discover how Juniper reduced post-processing time to 3 days using YellwScan solution while it takes up to 42 days with a traditional survey.

Knowledge video 20190813
Knowledge video 20190807
Knowledge 20201124 2
Knowledge video 20190716

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Handle your pointclouds with our own, all-in-one software solution. Extract, process, and display data immediately after flight acquisition.


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The Surveyor Ultra is suitable for mobile mapping with the YellowScan Fly&Drive.


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Advanced calibration

All our systems are calibrated before shipment and come with a calibration certificate. Be ready to fly your system as soon as you receive it!

Surveyor ultra 2023 calibration

On-site training

YellowScan delivers complete training to new customers. The training is provided over 2 days and can take place at your premises or online.

Surveyor ultra training

Technical support

Our 1 year unlimited technical support from our experts enables you to confidently undertake your projects, whether you are new or experienced in the field.

Customers researcher classroom

360° field of view: vertical mapping-ready

The Surveyor Ultra allows for the collection of LiDAR data not only from the ground, but for verticals as well. It is the best option for applications such as vertical inspections (buildings, bridges, coastal erosion, cliffs, mountains).

Surveyor ultra integration 2023 360 fov

Turn-key, simple to operate & self-powered

As with all YellowScan LiDAR systems, the Surveyor Ultra follows the “Just Press the Yellow Button” philosophy. It is designed for 3D modeling under vegetation and fast data processing.

Surveyor ultra 2023 integration simple

Embedded camera

The Surveyor Ultra now has an embedded camera (global shutter) that can be used for colorization purposes.

Surveyor ultra 2023 embedded camera

Collect LiDAR and RGB data

The Surveyor Ultra is compatible with an optional 20MP or 60MP single-camera module, or a 35MP dual-camera module.

Surveyor ultra 2023 rgb data