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Using LiDAR for Mining.

Fast data for modern mines.

Mining can be a dangerous and expensive venture. YellowScan LiDAR solutions can help mitigate these risks and reduce costs.

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LiDAR point clouds basics
LiDAR Point Cloud Basics

This article explains what LiDAR point clouds are and how they are used for 3D mapping applications. Learn the basics of LiDAR point clouds!

Knowledge 20240430
Understanding LiDAR Scanners

LiDAR scanners are used for capturing 3D point clouds. But how do they work? This and more are explained in the article below, which covers the operating principle of different LiDAR scanners and explains how distance measurements are transformed and combined into 3D point clouds. These provide the basis for many 3D mapping products used for different industry applications.

Knowledge 20240306
Drone Flight Planners: The Continuing Integration of LiDAR & UAVs

A LiDAR drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors. A LiDAR is an active sensor that uses inertial measurement to correlate where it is on the earth’s surface, resulting in a direct measurement of the earth.

Knowledge 20231214
High-Quality Topographical Data to Reactivate a Mine Site

The project came about because an engineering company sought high quality topographical data to reassess how they were going to resume mine operations. This involved tasks such as creating new roads, avoiding collapse-prone areas, and creating protection meshes, etc.

Knowledge 20221109
3D pointcloud acquisition using UAV LiDAR for a Chilean mining project

The goal of this project was to generate a 3D model of the Huasco Pellet Plant (mining), in Chile, using the YellowScan Vx15 UAV LiDAR system.

Knowledge 20200514
EverScan Flies LiDAR to Map Coal Stockpile in Ukraine

Discover how everScan speeds up stockpile volume calculation with LiDAR in a thermal power plant. Get precise volume calculation of stacks!

Knowledge 20200513
YellowScan Vx-15 Makes European Start-Up a Major Player in Indonesia

Discover how flying LiDAR gives French company a competitive edge for Bali civil engineering and mining surveys.

Knowledge 20200429
INFACT deploys YellowScan Mapper II at Key European Mining Sites

Major European INFACT mining project deploys YellowScan LiDAR for reliable 3D mapping, reducing the industry’s footprint on the environment.

Knowledge 20200220
Sorrell-Smith Engineering flies LiDAR, Saves Client Resources

Discover how 3D mapping with millions of point clouds makes mining project more viable saving $45,000 for surveying and data processing.

Key benefits

A go-to surveying tool for challenging working conditions

Mining companies are using our LiDAR systems to produce GIS data for DEM and DTM models, to capture geospatial information of the natural surface, the infrastructure of a mine, its planned extension, and to calculate production volumes.


Ensure proper planning and swift decision making

UAV LiDAR systems provide precise elevation data, inventory information, surface/volume calculations, accurate pit models, and contour maps in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

Industries mining installation

Optimized operations

Get the data you need to manage your day-to-day stock, reserve and site arrangements and reduce your total cost of operations.

Industries mining operation

Reduce human and environmental risks

Less surveying personnel in open pit mines and more frequent change detection missions keep everyone safer–people and equipment.

Industries mining security

Rugged & reliable

Compatible with difficult field conditions such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust.

Mapper rain condition