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Vx20 series.

The high-end Vx series.

The Vx20 series is the ideal solution for high-flight projects with quick data processing needs. It is the most accurate system of the Vx series.

Compatible with

RGB camera option

Technology inside

Applanix / Riegl

Download the Datasheet
Datasheet vx20
Key figures Test

Key figures

AGL Altitude
System precision
System accuracy
Battery weight excl.
  • View detailed characteristics
  • Precision1 cm
  • Accuracy2.5 cm
  • Typ. flight speed5 m/s
  • Max. AGL altitude120 m
  • Laser rangeUp to 170 m
  • Laser scannerRIEGL miniVUX-1/3 UAV
  • GNSS-Inertial solutionApplanix APX-20 UAV
  • Scanner field-of-view360°
  • Echoes per shotUp to 5
  • Shots per secondUp to 200 000
  • Scanning frequencyUp to 100 Hz
  • Weight2.85 kg (6.3 lbs) batt. excl.
  • SizeL 432 x W 106 x H 149 mm
  • Autonomy1.5 hour typ.
  • Power consumption25 W
  • Operating temperature-10 to +40 °C

A variety of mission profiles

Pointcloud vx20 01
Pointcloud vx20 02
Pointcloud vx20 05
Pointcloud vx20 03
Pointcloud vx20 04
Pointcloud vx20 06
Pointcloud vx20 01
Pointcloud vx20 02
Pointcloud vx20 05
Pointcloud vx20 03
Pointcloud vx20 04
Pointcloud vx20 06

View the Vx20’s datasets

Vx20 integration landscape 01
Vx20 integration square 01
Vx20 integration portrait 01

Designed to fit any UAV

Its light weight allows you to easily mount it on a variety of UAVs: multirotor, fixed wing, or helicopter drones.
View the integrations list

Helicopter drone
Vx20 integration square 02
Vx20 integration landscape 02
Vx20 integration square 02
Vx20 integration landscape 02
Vx20 integration square 03
Vx20 integration portrait 02


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Optional add-ons

Knowledge base

Discover our solutions by reading about our users’ experience in the field.

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Make your life easier

Invest in productivity-enhancing features that will simplify your workflow and give you confidence in the deliverables produced for your projects.

Data generation in a few clicks

Handle your pointclouds with our own, all-in-one software solution. Extract, process, and display data immediately after flight acquisition.


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Fit for a wide variety of applications

Ideally suited for applications requiring sharp and accurate descriptions such as in civil engineering.

Vx20 fit variety applications

Customize your system

Choose the laser scanner that best suits your needs:

  • Vx20-100 (Scanner: RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV Laser pulse: 100kHz)
  • Vx20-300 (Scanner: RIEGL miniVUX-3UAV Laser pulse: 100kHz/200kHz/300kHz)
Vx20 customize system


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Advanced calibration

All our systems are calibrated before shipment and come with a calibration certificate. Be ready to fly your system as soon as you receive it!

Vx20 calibration

On-site training

YellowScan delivers complete training to new customers. The training is provided over 2 days and can take place at your premises or online.

Vx20 training

Technical support

Our 1 year unlimited technical support from our experts enables you to confidently undertake your projects, whether you are new or experienced in the field.

Customers researcher classroom


Key differentiators

Highest accuracy of the Vx series

The YellowScan Vx20 has an accuracy of less than 2.5cm.

Vx20 point density

Fly higher with the Vx20 series

Up to 120m compared to 90m with the Vx15 series.

Increased performance

In roll, pitch, and heading angles measurement.

Vx20 performance