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Energy & Utilities.

Reduce risks and costs in energy & utilities management.

Our LiDAR solutions are the most efficient tools for acquiring highly accurate, dense data in energy and utilities applications.

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Success story

Powerline Management & Smart Grid Security – Portuguese DSO, E-REDES

Hepta Airborne
Hepta Airborne, YellowScan’s Estonian based customer, won a contract with the Portuguese DSO (Distribution Service Operator) E-REDES, to launch a project with the objective of proving that drones can collect aerial inspection data just as well as manned helicopters missions …

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Key benefits

YellowScan LiDAR systems generate accurate and cost effective aerial imagery using lightweight UAV LiDAR solutions.

Vegetation encroachment

The only technology that gives the true distance to the vegetation in near real-time. Scan fast-growing vegetation sections as often as needed.

Optimized maintenance operations

Ideal for surveying limited sections of the network which has not/can’t be scanned with airborne LiDAR (leftovers, hard-to-access, fast-growing vegetation sections…)

Low mobilization and demobilization

Easy to deploy and cost-effective tools for mapping areas of interest.


YellowScan systems allow for quick & complete acquisition while eliminating manned airborne or on-the-ground logistics