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Our LiDAR solutions are the most efficient tools for acquiring highly accurate, dense data in energy and utilities applications.

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Knowledge 20240306
Drone Flight Planners: The Continuing Integration of LiDAR & UAVs

A LiDAR drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors. A LiDAR is an active sensor that uses inertial measurement to correlate where it is on the earth’s surface, resulting in a direct measurement of the earth.

Knowledge 20240214
LiDAR for Power Utility Vegetation Management

Carbonix, a leading manufacturer of commercial UAVs in Australia, became involved in a significant project when approached by an Australian power network seeking solutions for scanning their transmission and distribution lines in challenging, undulating terrain. They reached out to Carbonix to see if they had a system and sensor combination that could effectively meet their brief.

Does LiDAR work underwater?

How does laser scanning work underwater? How can a laser penetrate water? Discover this innovative technique for marine surveys and research.

Knowledge 20230821
Using LiDAR Technology to Create the Digital Twin of a Telecommunications Tower

Discover how a customer created the digital twin of a telecommunications tower in order to perform line of sight and radio frequency simulation analysis.

Knowledge 20230712
How LiDAR Technology Revolutionizes Electrical Line Surveys in Canada

Our client, CIMA+, a renowned multidisciplinary company based in Canada, specializes in engineering, project management, and consulting services across various sectors. They were commissioned to conduct surveys of electrical powerlines.

Knowledge 20220222
Powerline Management & Smart Grid Security – Portuguese DSO, E-REDES

The stated objective was to produce LiDAR data that would ensure safety in the power line corridor by detecting dangerous vegetation.

Knowledge 20200528
Drone LiDAR mapping for Power grid design and maintenance in Finland

Eltel, a Nordic field service provider for power and communication networks, conducted in 2019 a pilot study with Loiste a Finland-based energy company.

Knowledge 20200127
LiDAR remaps Diamond Vista Wind Farm in Tornado Alley : Saves $1M

Discover how Juniper reduced post-processing time to 3 days using YellwScan solution while it takes up to 42 days with a traditional survey.

Powerline Monitoring Using LiDAR
Nov 23, 2021 52 min

Key benefits

YellowScan LiDAR systems generate accurate and cost effective aerial imagery using lightweight UAV LiDAR solutions.

Vegetation encroachment

The only technology that gives the true distance to the vegetation in near real-time. Scan fast-growing vegetation sections as often as needed.

Industries energy scan

Optimized maintenance operations

Ideal for surveying limited sections of the network which has not/can’t be scanned with airborne LiDAR (leftovers, hard-to-access, fast-growing vegetation sections…)

Industries energy maintenance

Low mobilization and demobilization

Easy to deploy and cost-effective tools for mapping areas of interest.

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YellowScan systems allow for quick & complete acquisition while eliminating manned airborne or on-the-ground logistics

Industries energy security