Why Compromise? Top 8 Reasons to Invest in High-End LiDAR

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You know what they say: you’ve checked out the rest, now go for the best. After all, why compromise on quality when you want a safe investment and professional results?

We’re fortunate that we live in a time when cumbersome airborne LiDAR operations are no longer the only way to get a survey done. Instead lighter, more compact LiDAR systems offer a new versatility because you can quickly deploy them at an economic cost relative to traditional surveying methods.

LiDAR point cloud results from YellowScan Vx-20 + Dual Sony a6000 camera option

Now UAV LiDAR solutions such as those offered by YellowScan are more economical for small-to-mid-sized areas that can be surveyed with 3D mapping. As a recent Geo Week report noted, “The growing power of computer processing combined with 3D imaging technologies, and the emergence of new mobile surveying tools have made it easier to both collect and work with the data that is collected.”

Here are the top reasons your investment in high-end UAV LiDAR makes sense for your bottom line:


We’re a reliable company that takes responsibility for our products. We’ve been around the block and we’re here to stay, so our customers can rest assured that their projects will be successful. Collectively YellowScan has more than 15 years officially integrating sensors on aerial platforms thanks to our sister company, L’Avion Jaune. Moreover:

  • our systems come with embedded calibration and software, ready-to-use when delivered to you
  • a team of 40+ people dedicated to providing customers with the best, easy-to-use and reliable LiDAR systems, but also the best customer experience: if you have a problem with our systems, we all are mobilized to help you solve it and make you a happy customer
  • R&D and industrialization teams listening to customer feedback for constant product improvements and innovations
  • software developments to improve the processing workflow, always driven by our motto “Just press the Yellow Button”
  • the company has seen a 70% growth rate in the last three years
  • our network of professional dealers can be found throughout Europe, the USA and Canada, Asia and Africa


Better design makes YellowScan LiDAR top of the line. We’re talking about a fully integrated payload with industrial finishing and quality.


Our lightweight portable systems are self-contained, easy to use and compact. Our philosophy is to be as efficient in the field as possible and to transfer this philosophy to the office when generating your data: in other words, we keep it simple and easy to manage. Additionally, YellowScan systems are robust and reliable.


We use only the best components in order to produce high-end data. We don’t use cheap parts or cut corners. This is definitely not about laser scanner laboratory specs written on datasheets but field-tested LiDAR systems that are meeting true high specs. As with every measurement tool, quality is meant to be repeatable. Our component quality is top-notch, whether laser scanners, batteries or the IMU.


Hardware isn’t everything: Performance improvement results from our firmware and software which make it possible to get the best performance out of YellowScan hardware. Plus, you need great software to visualize and process your data. With our CloudStation and LiveStation programs, you get to your end results “as the crow flies”–the most direct route.


We take care of the integration and systems calibration.


With our streamlined customer support, we’re with you all the way. No matter what time zone you’re in, you can often get support at any time. As well, our LiDAR experts travel to you for both training and support. Plus you can get an extended warranty beyond the first year. Customer support is authentically important to us, from the initial pre-qualification interactions (finding the right UAV LiDAR system for your needs) to the tech support for our customers.

  • education is key: we educate customers about LiDAR to help them make an informed purchase decision
  • YellowScan customers have access to a technical support expert with many years of field experience, someone who knows how to best assist in critical situations to enable you to achieve your projects with success


We offer you a fully autonomous payload (batteries included) that secures no power consumption of the UAV. Furthermore, YellowScan’s broad product portfolio secures the scalability on projects with higher or lower requirements. We also offer mobile mapping with Fly and Drive.

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