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LiDAR 1×1 The Basics of UAV LiDAR Scanning | German

Begins at 10:00 AM 30 min MOST Robotics

Discover the future of surveying with drones – MOST Robotics webinar on the basics and application of LiDAR technology awaits you on July 18, 2023 @ 10 AM.

You are part of an ever-evolving industry where precision, efficiency and quality are critical. Traditional surveying methods have their limitations when it comes to capturing accurate data in difficult terrain conditions or overcoming obstacles such as vegetation.

Learn the basics of LiDAR technology with our YellowScan products and how it is used in conjunction with drones to obtain highly accurate survey data. Immerse yourself in the workflow from data acquisition to analysis and gain valuable insights into the applications of LiDAR technology.

This webinar will be in German.


Key take-aways:

  • What is LiDAR?

  • Advantages and disadvantages compared to conventional surveying methods

  • Possible applications with LiDAR technology

  • Technical data, meanings and comparisons between different LiDAR models

Webinar speakers

Valentin Moeller
Valentin Möller CEO & Co-Founder MOST Robotics

My name is Valentin Möller and I´m one of the CEOs and founders of MOST Robotics. MOST Robotics is the Distributor for YellowScan, Acecore, Valofly and Quantum in the D,A,CH-Region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Both founders of MOST have been working in the Drone-market since 2015 and have built Drones from Scratch. With MOST Robotics we are using our knowledge from building Drones to sell complete solutions to the customer. We are the binding between the manufacturers and the end customer, that means that we understand the technical parts from the drones and also the application of the customers.