What happened at Intergeo 2021 Hannover

Post intergeo 2021

The Intergeo 2021 Conference was held on September 21-23 in Hannover, Germany.

We were excited to be back in-person at Intergeo 2021 after nearly 2 years of not being able to attend a conference physically! Over 3 days we were busy chatting away at our booth with a steady flow of conference attendees stopping by our booth to get an exclusive look at our new products the Mapper+ and the Explorer. We also had other products on display such as the Fly & Drive, Surveyor Ultra, Vx20 and Mapper.

It was also great to have on display our Explorer, Mapper and Vx20 at MOST Robotics’ booth, our newly signed distributors in Germany. Read the press release on this new collaboration here.

We also had the opportunity to walk around the event and meet with other exhibitors, talk integrations and possible collaborations.

We cannot wait for Intergeo 2022 in Essen!


Julia Braby, Communications Officer at YellowScan
For more information contact us at press@yellowscan-lidar.com