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LiDAR models in comparison – Which LiDAR is right for my application? | German

Begins at 10:00 AM 30 min MOST Robotics

Discover the wide range of possible applications for LiDAR technology. This free webinar on August 17th, 2023 at 10AM provides you with a comprehensive overview of the YellowScan LiDAR models.

Whether you work in surveying, forestry, agriculture, BOS , inspection or any other field, choosing the right LiDAR scanner can significantly improve your results. Learn hands-on and vividly which model is best suited for your specific application areas.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to maximize your LiDAR know-how and achieve perfect results! Register now and become a pioneer in your industry.

This webinar will be in German.

Webinar speakers

Valentin Moeller
Valentin Möller CEO & Co-Founder MOST Robotics

My name is Valentin Möller and I´m one of the CEOs and founders of MOST Robotics. MOST Robotics is the Distributor for YellowScan, Acecore, Valofly and Quantum in the D,A,CH-Region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Both founders of MOST have been working in the Drone-market since 2015 and have built Drones from Scratch. With MOST Robotics we are using our knowledge from building Drones to sell complete solutions to the customer. We are the binding between the manufacturers and the end customer, that means that we understand the technical parts from the drones and also the application of the customers.