EMLID is a Bronze Sponsor of the YellowScan LiDAR Convention 2024

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YellowScan announces EMLID as a Bronze Sponsor of the YellowScan LiDAR Convention 2024.

Montpellier and Budapest – March 21st, 2023 – YellowScan, a global leader and designer of next-generation manned and unmanned LiDAR solutions, is pleased to announce EMLID as a Bronze Sponsor of its newly renamed LiDAR for Drone event, the YellowScan LiDAR Convention (YLC), which returns in April 2024. This year’s conference will feature a comprehensive program with 20 experts speaking about LiDAR applications across various industries.

Emlid started in 2014 as two students with the idea that high-precision positioning should be easy to use and available to everyone. Ten years later, the company boasts a highly effective range and a large community. With a product development strategy that is 100% focused on users, EMLID provides GNSS high-grade hardware and software.

As a partner of YLC 2024, Igor Vereninov, CEO of EMLID, will host a technical session to present the range of GNSS solutions in several situations. This is a true opportunity for surveying and mapping professionals to take advantage of this range to work more easily and efficiently. The YellowScan LiDAR, coupled with the EMLID GNSS solutions, provides very accurate data.

The YLC provides an excellent platform for members of the YellowScan ecosystem to discuss the latest developments in LiDAR technologies, share experiences, and connect with customers, partners, and distributors. Attendees will gain insight into the LiDAR industry and hear from interesting and innovative LiDAR users through an extensive program of technical sessions, workshops, live demos, and training. Additionally, numerous networking opportunities will allow attendees to showcase their involvement in the LiDAR community.
The YellowScan LiDAR Convention will take place from April 18th to 19th, 2024, in Montpellier, France. 


The Emlid team makes the surveyor’s daily work easier and more efficient. We believe that professional GNSS hardware and software can be modern, intuitive and easy to use. To achieve this, we rely on the experience and feedback of land surveyors and drone mappers and provide personalized support at all times. Emlid is already a trusted choice for drone mapping pilots needing RTK base stations or placing GCPs.

For more information, visit https://emlid.com/

About YellowScan

At YellowScan, we design, develop, and build LiDAR solutions for professionals that require performance, robustness, and accuracy. Our hardware and software solutions are easy-to-use data collection tools that come with training and support from our experts. Our products come with embedded laser scanners, INS, GNSS receivers, and onboard computing. Each system is designed to meet the highest precision and accuracy needs for 3D mapping.

Founded in 2012 in the South of France, we have sales, customer training, and support representatives around the globe. Our products are used worldwide in surveying, bathymetry, forestry, environmental research, archaeology, civil engineering, mining sectors, and more.

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